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A Quiet End

December 21, 2012

A quick note from the organizers of Wikileaks Stories: we’ve let the domain expire, and are putting this project to rest. It was a valiant attempt, but the lack of support from the indie scene meant it didn’t stand much of a chance. Still, we don’t regret trying, and the struggle for freedom of information and accountable government is far from over.

See you out there.


A Brief Note

October 15, 2011

We here at Wikileaks Stories would like to express our support for all those protesting against the corrupt and illogical system that has brought our planet into a state of chaos and misery. We’re glad to see people realizing that something is wrong, and something must be done. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the system cannot be changed by convincing those who run it to do differently, or by following new leaders; neither can it be changed “without politics.”

It can only be changed if we, the people, claim political power for ourselves. That is the essence of democracy.

Wikileaks Stories on Newsgames

June 18, 2011

Newsgames, the excellent site that embraces videogames as an application of journalism, has recently posted two articles that should be of interest to anyone caring enough for Wikileaks Stories to be reading this very post. Anyway, no need for further ado. Here are the links:

The Guantanamo Files

April 25, 2011

Wikileaks has begun releasing The Guantanamo Files, a collection of files about one of the most notorious illegal prisons on Earth. While much of the information in these files was obtained via torture and is thus highly suspect, the files still contain many glimpses at the real horrors of Guantanamo – including the incarceration of many innocents.

Now would not be a bad time for a new Wikileaks Stories game based on this new material. If you’re a game developer, please think about it! We’ll give you as much support as we can.

Engaged in the Struggle

April 21, 2011

The excellent Electron Dance blog, which recently wrote about Wikileaks Stories, has published a two-part interview with me about the project. The questions were very intelligent, and I hope my answers provide some insights into the complexities of making political/topical games.

You can read Part One here and Part Two here.

A Look At Wikileaks Stories

March 30, 2011

The Electron Dance blog has posted an interesting, analytical article about our project called A Look At Wikileaks Stories that raises many interesting questions. Hop over there and read it!

We’ve also been featured on the German website in this article, which perhaps sounds a bit more negative than it ought to.


March 5, 2011

The third Wikileaks Stories game is here and it’s none other than the pretty frantic Wikileakers. Wikileakers – according to divillysausages, the creative force responsible for its release- is the story of the fateful day Julian Assange was walking down the corridors of the FBI offices and got attacked by lasers. It also apparently is a rather brilliant, pixel-artsy, fast-paced, action-heavy, score-attack affair too. Play it!