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Leaky World by Molleindustria

December 27, 2010

Glorious news everyone! The first game for the Wikileaks Stories project is finally here and it’s none other than the excellent Leaky World: a playable theory by Italian radical artists’ collective Molleindustria. Leaky World is obviously free to play and -less obviously- a lovely web game; a lovely, unique, innovative, smart and actually fun webgame, that gives gamers the pretty unique experience of protecting and connecting the world’s oppressive elites.

As for game designers, Leaky World should -and can- act as an excellent and imaginative example of what a Wikileaks Stories game can be and how political ideas can be translated into truly enjoyable games. It’s filled with novel ideas and seamlessly implements dozens of Wikileaks cables.

Here’s how Molleindustria describe the game themselves:

This game is an interactive interpretation of the essay “Conspiracy as Governance” by Julian Assange, a fundamental document to understand Wikileaks and the concept of radical transparency as strategy for social change. We published the text below, in its most recent version.
Leaky world includes headlines about actual information leaks, mostly but not esclusively related to Wikileaks. Clicking on the headline pauses the game and opens a browser window on a news article.

This is a wonderful game and an exceptional beginning for the Wikileaks Stories project.

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