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Various News

January 26, 2011

A quick summary of various Wikileaks Stories-related news:

  • My game, You Shall Know The Truth, is currently looking for a sponsor. All profits from the game will go to Wikileaks, the Bradley Manning defense fund and free speech/net neutrality organizations.
  • The upcoming issue of GEE, the German games magazine, will feature an interview with me about Wikileaks Stories.
  • Wikileaks Stories will also be featured in the February issue of Journalist.
  • We’re trying to keep the Press page up to date, but we greatly appreciate it when people let us know about stories/reports we’ve missed.
  • Games for Change have an interview with Molleindustria about Leaky World. “I felt compelled to participate because it’s probably the first concerted activist effort emerged from the indie games community.”
  • We’ve recently heard from a number of developers who are interested in participating, and would like to encourage you once again to go ahead and create something. It doesn’t even have to be about Cablegate; previous leaks also contained important information that a lot of people never heard about.

We would also like to express our solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia in their struggle for human rights and socioeconomic equality.

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