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What is Wikileaks Stories?

Wikileaks Stories is a game-making initiative begun by gaming blog Gnome’s Lair and Jonas Kyratzes. The purpose of Wikileaks Stories is to support Wikileaks and spread the revelatory information contained in its leaks through the interactive medium; to use the power of games to fight for democracy and freedom.

Who can participate?

Anyone who believes that governments should not be allowed to hide their crimes from the populations they are meant to represent, and that corporations should not be allowed to take the place of governments.

How can I participate?

Make a game!

Is there a deadline?

As Gnome said:

Wikileaks Stories is not a compo. There is no deadline. Whenever you decide to actually start and/or publish your game will be fine, as these stories will be equally important in a year or a decade from now. The battle for online free speech and against corporate/state censorship will -surely- also remain more than crucial.

Why are you doing this?

Because we believe that art should be more than abstraction and self-involvement. Because we believe artists do not exist outside of history, and have an obligation to the truth. Because we believe in old-fashioned values like democracy, transparency and freedom.

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