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Game Making Resources

An exhaustive list of all the ways you can make games would take up an entire website (or ten), but here are some resources for those of you who may be new to the field.

Currently this list does not include programming languages.

Game Making Software

  • Inform 7 – the most elegant and powerful tool for creating interactive fiction (FREE)
  • Quest – a way to create your own 80s-style text adventures (FREE)
  • Construct – a powerful and easy-to-use tool for making Windows games, Construct is fantastic for smaller projects but due to a memory leak becomes a bit more problematic if you want to do something huge (FREE)
  • Game Maker – a popular game making program for making Windows games (Pro Version costs 25$)
  • Adventure Game Studio – a popular and powerful tool for making Sierra-style adventure games (FREE)
  • The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion – these Clickteam products are stable and useful, and if you pay for the SWF File Exporter will allow you to make Flash games, but they’re far from cheap (59$-438$)
  • Klik n’ Play – an ancient bit of Clickteam software that is no longer officially supported, but still has users (FREE)
  • The Games Factory Newgrounds Edition – a version of The Games Factory that only exports SWF files for Newgrounds (FREE)
  • Wintermute Engine – for making point & click adventure games; we don’t have any experience with this one (FREE)

Graphics Software

  • GIMP – the GNU Image Manipulation Program is absolutely indispensible and runs on many platforms (FREE)
  • Terragen – beautiful software for rendering terrain (editions range from FREE to 999$)
  • Paint.NET – powerful image editing software for Windows (FREE)
  • D-Pixel – a simple, retro minded paint program in the style of Deluxe Paint (FREE)
  • Sculptris – interesting new program (alpha) for making 3D models (FREE)
  • Art of Illusion – open source 3D modelling and rendering software (FREE)
  • Blender – 3D graphics software that is extremely powerful, but challenging to learn (FREE)


  • ccMixter – a great source for Creative Commons music and sounds
  • Audio – cumbersome to search but full of wondrous things
  • Creative Commons Search – another way of searching for (potentially) CC content
  • The Freesound Project – a large database of CC-licensed sound effects
  • sfxr – a simple tool for creating sound effects (FREE)
  • Audacity – open source sound editing software; highly recommended! (FREE)
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